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Wise Bridge Law firm offers plans to cover yourself, your family or your business. The beauty of these pre-paid plan is that no matter the situation, our members are covered and can save literally thousands of pounds over standard attorney client relationships.

3 Reasons
 WISE Bridge Pre-Paid Legal Plans is Your Best Option

  1. Pre-paid Legal Plans Can Save You Thousands of Pounds over Hiring an Attorney Directly
  2.  You Get Discounts in Major Cases That Can Save You More than the Monthly Fee
  3. Our Plans are obviously a Better Value than Our Competitors and Cleary the Smart Choice 

1)    PERSONAL & FAMILY PLANS start at £150.00 per month.

2)    BUSINESS LEGAL PLANS start at £ 350.00 per month.

3)    “START A BUSINESS” PLANS start at £ 750.00 (Basic Package)-£ 1000.00 (Plus Package)

4)    CONTRACTS & AGREEMENTS PLANS start at £ 580.00 per month.

5)    ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) PLANs start at £ 500.00 per case.

Wisebridge is Proud Member of UN Global Compact Network UK