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Private International Law

Nowadays, globalization around the world is a clear and growing reality, which leads to private international situations that often affect on nationality, citizenship, immigration, aboard education and solving inheritance problems concerning embassies located in IRAN.

Private International Law


Immigrants should take an active role in the immigration process. An attorney can help guide an immigrant through the procedure and make any required legal arguments, but the immigrants must supply the facts. This typically means going through files and getting copies of all the necessary documents to the attorney's office. The most successful cases are the ones where immigrants work with their attorneys to compile the necessary information and make the proper filings in a timely fashion.

 we by our partner experience offer our clients comprehensive legal services in the field of immigration, work and residency permits, Student CardsNationality Residency of community citizens Visas for investors and etc., providing all the information, documentation and advice so that the legalization process is as quick as possible.

Our lawyers will find solutions within Private International Law that reconcile these realities, by applying rigorous methodologies based on a deep understanding of the international legal arena, in order to find solutions and resolve disputes that arise in all these areas. 

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